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College, Spring Break Destination, Ski Resorts, National, Regional & Targeted Market Tours


Reaching some of the largest concentrations of active consumers, our teams are available to infiltrate college campuses, Spring Break Destinations & Winter hot-spots with your message through street promotions, product sampling efforts and brand awareness campaigns. Having managed dozens of promotional campaigns for some of the hottest movies, recording artists and product promotions, our teams are ready to get your message heard and to make an impact where the crowds are gathered. As with all of our street campaigns, promotional tours can be developed that mobilize Sniper’s street teams strictly for product distribution or they can be outfitted to be walking “brand ambassadors” displaying a client’s name/logo and prepared to engage consumers in conversation about the product/event being promoted. Typical college campus tours not only saturate the college campus, but also target lifestyle boutiques, clubs, student centers, cafes, coffee shops, internet cafes and popular eateries in the surrounding areas.

Spring Break tours can be designed to catch students while they play in the sun, on the beach, by the lake or in the mountains and ski resort tours. Tours are an excellent opportunity to market your brand to sports enthusiasts who are often the trend-setters and early adopters for new entertainment, fashion, technology or the latest new brands of sports drinks and other beverages. If your promotion calls for wider reach or regional marketing, we’re happy to tailor a regional tour that fits your marketing goals or build a national tour that reaches the markets you’d like to target.


College campus event tour and activations