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Pop Up Stores


Does your product-line need to get front-and-center quickly instead of getting lost in the maze or an aisle of a large store?  Your own store-front doesn’t have to mean a long-term commitment or excessive capital costs.

Pop-up experiences let consumers test, try and interact with your product or brand and are a great way to reach new consumers.  Most effective in highly trafficked urban areas and cities, pop-up stores can appear nearly overnight and are particularly effective when combined with other street-level buzz-building campaigns.  Your store can feature limited-edition or early preview items or can be a fully functioning retail store that sells your entire product line.  With these pop-up stores typically staying in place for only a matter of weeks or a few months at most, they can be a great way to quickly make an impact in a targeted city or neighborhood and generate a buzz about your product or brand while also creating urgency among consumers.

Whether you want a “pop-up” impact in one or two select cities, across multiple markets or a nationwide overnight launch, Sniper Marketing can help secure a location, design the store-front and provide marketing that creates the buzz to drive foot traffic to your store.