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Impression Marketing


Sidewalk Chalk & Power-Wash Stencils


For promotions where an iconic graphic and a few words are quickly recognizable, this program can be an effective way to reach consumers without stopping them as they go about their daily lives. For a colorful message, we’ll work with you to design an eye-catching graphic for spray-chalking the image/words on targeted sidewalks, pedestrian walkways, walls etc. and because the stenciling is done with chalk, it can be washed away without the need for chemicals, cleaning crews etc. For an alternative that leaves nothing behind other than your message, we create a similar graphic and “power-wash” it onto sidewalks and streets leaving a “clean” message that can last for weeks or longer. These can include clusters of 5-10 logos outside the exit to train/bus-stations and along heavily trafficked sidewalks, a “trail” of logos leading consumers to a destination/event or incorporation into a “search for the next…” promotion that sends consumers scouring the city for your brand and logo.


Guerrilla Video Projections


Guerrilla Video Billboard Projections drive massive brand presence and consumer word-of-mouth in metro markets. By projecting moving images onto building walls, Guerrilla Video Billboard Projections generate thousands of indelible brand impressions over a five-hour period. Projections can be 30’ to over 90’ and provide the option to project 30-second television-style commercials, film trailers or image-based branding.


Wild Posting


Own the walls with your brand covering the block. We offer legal wildposting in sizes of 24″ to 48″ and larger for walls 12 to 100 feet in some locations. When you really need your store, service, event, film, artist or campaign known, it gets noticed.

Assassins Creed Comicon Chalk Stencil