Legal Graffiti Advertising

Legal Graffiti Advertising generates valuable awareness, street credibility, and word-of-mouth opportunities for brands. Street-level Legal Graffiti Advertising can either be spray-paint reproductions of brand advertising campaigns, including detailed images of products, or a conceptual blend of original artwork and brand advertising. Unlike traditional billboards, Legal Graffiti Advertising painted by prestigious street artists enhances street culture brand equity and ignites consumer word-of-mouth. In large metro markets, each Legal Graffiti Advertising mural can produce over 60,000 consumer impressions and 7,500 word-of-mouth impressions per month.


Live Graffiti Performances

Live Graffiti Performances consists of talented graffiti artists creating a brand advertising mural over a six to eight hour period at outdoor concerts, trade shows and other entertainment venues. Fully engaging and entertaining consumers, the Live Graffiti Performance is a form of Branded Entertainment. Live Graffiti Performances can either be spray paint reproductions of brand advertising campaigns or a blend of original graffiti artwork and brand advertising. The wall included in each Live Graffiti Performance is 16’ wide x 8’ high.[/two_third]