Marketing pros
call it many things.
At Sniper Marketing,
it’s just how we think!

Today’s consumers are barraged by traditional advertising everywhere they go, causing many brands’ messages to get lost in the “noise.” Sniper Marketing’s non-traditional marketing programs are the link that directly connects your brand with consumers to create a lasting impression. Every Sniper Marketing campaign is designed to increase brand awareness, build excitement, drive attendance, instigate trial or purchase and strengthen brand loyalty.

Since 1996, Sniper Marketing has utilized both under-the-radar and high-visibility tactics including street & mobile marketing, promotional tours, buzz building campaigns, experiential marketing, brand ambassadors and other non-traditional marketing approaches to connect directly with your target market.

Sniper Marketing develops campaign strategies and promotions based on our in-depth understanding of your target audience. Our services do not replace traditional marketing activities or the services of traditional ad agencies, but rather we take them to a new level and a new market.