An in-house production for a text based service company. This hospitality service industry video was a production of 1 of 4 concepts to showcase the variety of uses of how the service can benefit the consumer and the business with ease of communication, ordering and concierge. What you see is a simplified version that doesn’t include the more in depth usage of the client dashboard.

Shot in one day on location in the historic Hotel Del Coronado. The client gave us 2 weeks from green lighting the project to the shoot day. Our team went to work and came out in the end with a beautiful stylized lifestyle piece.

Social media and web usage

Video Production
Hotel Del Coronado
On Premise Video Shoot

The Hotel Del was gracious enough to give us run of the hotel and allowed us to shoot anywhere we needed.


Location list:

In Suite
Front Desk
Vintage Elevator
Garden Walk
Rotunda Stairs

Cast and Crew
Our talented staff

Director, Producer

Aaron Gaines


Eros Hoagland

Asst Videographer

Chris Davidson

Post Production

Eros Hoagland, Aaron Gaines



Mellissa Johnston

Hair Makeup

Monica Renee Clayton

Video Production

Lifestyle shoot for B2B mobile texting service with a hospitality

Quick turnaround location shoot. We had a tight schedule to maintain not only with the client giving us 2 weeks notice but working around the historic Hotel Del Coronado’s schedule. Sniper Marketing had to storyboard, get concept approval, pull together all assets, talent, scheduling and complete all production within that timeframe.