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We were asked by Elevation if we could put teams on tour with a week notice. Of course we can, and did! Once we had a better understanding of the tour needs, we went to work staffing the brand ambassadors we felt would be the best fit for the tour. Our teams had to learn on the fly and excelled with understanding and communicating all the nuances of CBP recruitment from current military to veterans to civilians.

The national tour encompassed country music festivals and Spartan races in 20 separate events that travelled to 14 states and a total of 96 days in 6 months.

6 Month

National Tour
20 Events, 16 States
National Tour

National tour to support the National Frontline Recruitment Command for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection with logistics and recruiting.


Lead Agency

Elevation, Ltd

Subcontracted Operations Agency

Sniper Marketing


Not your typical promotional staff

Federal Agents and Officers

This tour was tightly spaced with dates and two support teams were put in place and in market within a week. Recruiting took us to every corner of the nation.

~ States Covered ~

California, Washington, Utah, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Kentucky, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Dallas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia


National Frontline Recruitment Command

As tours go, this has been our most rewarding. Meeting and working with the amazing federal law enforcement agents and officers from all over the country was a real joy for our team. There were many 12+ hour days throughout the tour. We got to see the diversity of CBP as they pride themselves on being as diverse as the people they protect.