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LiUNA – FIx Our Bridges PR Tour

Experiential | Ambient | Media Event | PR Prank | Tour | Custom Build

Fix our Bridges Experiential Tour

The custom bridge “prop” was built by Sniper Marketing’s team along with the demolition of the bus. The result was a not so subtle experiential example of a school bus that looked like a section of dilapidated bridge fell on it and smashed into the front cab section.

The bus and wrecker that towed it, finished a 6 week tour across the regions of the mid-west, northeast and the south US with the campaign. In all the vehicles combined were almost 70 feet in length. The tour covered over 6,000 miles and 13 states.

The sheer shock on pedestrian’s faces was priceless. Jaws dropped as on lookers grabbed their friends to look at the devastation to the school bus. The focus was to get not only the public to contact their legislators but also media events and news coverage with the supporting politicians to pass a National Highway Bill in Congress. Throughout this experiential tour many photos were taken, news events, press coverage as well as selfies from the public. Social media was ablaze at each stop with many tweets and posts. It was called up for a follow up tour the next year.