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About Us

Founded in New York in 1995

Every Sniper Marketing campaign is designed to increase brand awareness, build excitement, drive attendance, instigate trial or purchase and strengthen brand loyalty. Sniper Marketing utilizes both under-the-radar and high-visibility tactics including Street & Mobile Marketing, Promotional Tours, Buzz Building Campaigns, Experiential Marketing, Brand Ambassadors and other non-traditional marketing approaches to connect directly with your target market.

Sniper Marketing’s principals have been at the cutting-edge of non-traditional marketing for more than 40 years combined. With a national network of Brand Ambassadors and influencers who live, work and play in the local communities where trends are born. We develop campaigns and promotions based on an in-depth understanding of your target audience. Our services do not replace traditional marketing activities or the services of traditional ad agencies, but rather we take them to a new level and a new market.

By establishing a close working relationship with clients, we tailor a program to suit the needs and budget of your project or campaign. Complete understanding of your business objectives is essential. Only then can communications become the bridge to your success. It’s here that we create messages and select the proper outlets to get your audience to sit up and take notice.

Our goal is to work with you to develop and implement a long term and highly focused marketing and promotions strategy.